Discontinues of Festival Advance on the recommendations of 7th CPC –Correction slip to IREM, Vol 1,1989 Edition

2016/E(LL)/FA/1 Dated 09.02.2017
002/2017 Exemption from passing the Typewriting Test Implementation of instructions of DOP&T issued vide their letter dated 22.04.2015 E(NG)I-2015/CPF/7 Dated 16.01.2017

Fowarding of notification – Rule 11 of the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992.

E(MPP)/2017/6/1 Dated17.01.2017

Amendment of provisions relating to the Railway Staff Benefit Fund –Chapter8 of the IREC Vol-I, 1985 edition (Second reprint edition 2003)

 E(W)2014/FU-I/1 Dated 18.01.2017


Recognition of Boxing Federation of India-regarding.

2016/E(sports)/4(3)/9/Boxing Dated 24.01.2017


State Railway Provident Fund-Rate of Intrest during the year 2016-17 (Ja17-Mar-17)

F(E)III/2003/PF/1/1 Dated 30.01.2017


Inclucion of training slot on ‘Railway Security” in Training Modules at Railway Training Centres for the area affected by Left Wing Extremism (LWE)/Maoist attacks.

E(MPP)2016/3/14 Dated 31.01.2017


Revision of rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railway.

PC-V/2016/PS/1 (Stipend) Dated 02.02.2017

009/2017 Revised Training Modules of Traffic (Commercial) & Traffic (Transportation) Department.  E(MPP)2009/1/34 Dated 31.01.2017

Grant of Advance -7th CPC recommendations –Amendment to rules on computer Advance to Railway servants

 F(E)Spl./2016/ADV.4/1(7CPC) Dated 07.02.2017
011/2017 Status of Volleyboll Federation of India. 2017/E(Sports)/4(1)/1/VF1 Status Dated 08.01.2017
012/2017  Comprehensive Transfer Policy -Exemption from 5 years service condition  E(NG)I-2015/TR/20 Dated 10.02.2017
013/2017 Filling up of the posts of dresser Gr III/OTA Gr.III PB-1+ GP1900(Level-2) in the medical department. E(NG)I-2000/PM10/2 Dated 17.02.2017
014/2017 Grant of Transport Allowance at double the norma rates to deaf and dumb employees of Railways. PC-V/2014/A/TA/1 Dated 22.02.2017

Syllabus for professional paper for selection from group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ posts in EDP centers /IT Department of Railways/Production Unit.  

E(GP)2016/2/25 Dated 27.02.2017
016/2017 Grant of Dearness Relief to CPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia payment wef 01.01.2016. PC-V/2009/A/DR/1 Dated 28.02.2017
017/2017 Revision in the Rate of Ration money allowance in respect of NG RPF/RPSF personnel. E(P&A)I-2005/ALL/RPF/2 Dated 28.02.2017
018/2017 Promotion from GP 1800 (Level-1) to GP 1900 (Level-2) against 16-2/3% quota- Minimum eligibility condition of service for selection. E(NG)I-2016/CPF/5Dated 01.03.2017
019/2017 Conducting of online Written test of GDCE. E(NG)I/PM1/6 Part Dated 02.03.2017
020/2017 Revised classification and mode of filling up of NG posts- scheme for filling up vacancies after 31.12.2016. E(NG)I-2008/PM1/15 Dated 03.03.2017
021/2017 Technical Resignation & lien -Consolidedated guidelines. E(NG)I-2016/AP/2 Dated 07.03.2017
022/2017 Extension of the period of retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in favor of officers/ staff posted to E C Railway
E(G)2009 QR-1-2 Dated 22.03.2017
023/2017 Admissibility of HRA in the event of non-acceptance /surrender of Railway residential accomodation. E(P&A)II-2015/HRA-6 Dated 16.03.2017
024/2017 Grant of TA/DA to retired Railway Servants, re engaged after retirement. F(E)I/2015/AL-28/58 Dated 16.03.2017
025/2017 Forwarding of Gazette Notification No. G.S.R.63 (E) Dated 20.01.2016 , regarding Amendments in the Rule 14 of the Apprenticeship Rule, 1992 E(MPP)/2017/6/1 Dated 22.03.2017
026/2017 ग्रुप सी से ग्रुप बी मे पदोन्नति के लिए 70% चयन/30%एलडीसीई के भाग के रूप मे हुई लिखित परीक्षा के संबंध मे कार्मिक अधिकारियों, पेपर सेट करने वालों एवं इनका मूल्यांकन करने वालों के लिए समेकित दिशा-निर्देश E(GP)2015/2/8 Dated 30.03.2017
027/2017 Grant of Advance -Seventh Central pAy Commission recommendations -Discontinuance of Advance of Leave Salary. E(P&A)I-2017/CPC/LE-2 Dated 23.03.2017
028/2017 Restructuring of Group 'C' RPF/RPSF (Combatised) Staff. PC-III/2016/CRC/2 Dated 27.03.2017
029/2017 Simplification of procedure for payment of Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS) dues- regarding. PC-III/2017/GIS/2 Dated 31.03.2017
030/2017 Grant of Dearness allowance to Central Government Employees -Revised Rates effective from 01.01.2017

PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/1 Dated 31.03.2017 (17/PC-VII)

031/2017 Removal of hardship being faced in availing higher class passes/escort facility in cases where both the employee and his/her spouce are physically challenged.

E(W)2016/PS-5-1/5 Dated 06.04.2017

032/2017 Fixation of pay in case of employees who seek transfer to a lower post under FR15(a) -clarification regarding. 2017/F(E)II/3/3/1 Dated 06.04.2017
033/2017 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980- Tables of Benefits for the saving Fund for the period from 01.01.2017 to 31.03.2017

PC-III/2000/GIS/2 Dated 07.04.2017

034/2017 Engagement of Act Apprentices in erstwhile Group D Substitute.

E(MPP)2009/6/14 Pt Dated 12.04.2017

035/2017 Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners /family pensioners Revised rate effective from 01.01.2017

PC-VII/2016/1/7/2/3 Dated 21.04.2017


Inordinate delay in conducting LDCE and intermediate Apprentice quota selections on zonal Railways.

E(NG)I-2016/PM7/1 Dated 21.04.2017

Recording of educational qualification acquired during intervening period by compassionate ground appointment.

 E(NG)I-2016/IC-2/1 Dated 21.04.2017

Promotion from GP 1800 (Level-1) to GP 1900 (Level-2) against 33-1/3% quota-minimum eligibility condition of service for selection.

E(NG)I-2015/CFP/8 Dated 21.04.2017

Implementation Guidelines for Third Party Agencies under the Apprentices Act, 1961-regarding.

 E(MPP)/2017/6/1 Dated 25.04.2017

Clarification regarding commutation of a part of pension on retirement under Rule 67 of Railway Service (Pension) Rules, 1993.

2016/F(E)III/1(1)/8 Dated 25.04.2017

State Railway Provident Fund- Rate of intrest during the year 2017-18 (April 2017-June 2017)

F(E)III/2003/PF/1/1 Dated 25.04.2017

Reduction in the residency period for promotion from Helper (GP 1800, Level-1) to technician –III (GP 1900, Level-2)

 E(NG)I-2015/PM1/20 Dated 03.05.2017

Regularization of promotion by selection of SC/ST candidates throught the "Scheme of best among the failed candidates"

2013-E(SCT)1/25/6 Dated 09.05.2017

Grant of HRA to Railway Employees posted at SAS Nagar Mohali at par with Chandigarh rates.

E(P&A)II-2015/HRA-7Dated 12.04.2017

Modification in the AVC for promotion to Guard (Goods) in GP 2800 (Level-5)

E(NG)I-2012/PM1/22 Dated 12.05.2017
047/2017 Amendment to the provisions of State Railway Provident Fund -Liberalization of provisions for withdrawals from the fund by the subscribers - regarding D-43/11/2017-F(E)III Date 15.05.2017

Recommendations of 6th CPC –Encashment of Leave on Average pay (LAP) while availing Privilege Pass/PTO-Relaxation of rule-reg.

F(E)III/2008/LE-1/1 Dated 16.05.2017

Implementation of Governments decision on the recommendations of 7CPC  -Revision of pension of pre2016 pensioners /family pensioners, etc.

2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 Dated 22.05.2017

Introduction of special leave connected to enquiry of sexual harrasment.

E(P&A)I-2017/CPC/LE-3 Dated 29.05.2017

Grant of Advance - 7CPC Recommendations- Discontinuance of "Natural Calamity Advance"

E(G)2017/AD 1-1 Dated 30.05.2017

Retantion of Railway Accomodation by Railway Officers/staff of their deputation on Railway PSUs.

E(G)2008 QR-1-15 Dated 31.05.2017
054/2017 Forwarding of Gazette Notification No. GSR 186 (E) Dated 02.03.2017, Regarding Amendments in Apprenticeship Rule, 1992. E(MPP)/2017/6/1 Dated 31.05.2017

Grant of House Rent Allowance to Railway employees posted to new Zones/new Division regarding

E(P&A)II-98/HRA-6 Dated 06.06.2017
056/2017 Retention of Railway Accommodation by Railway employees upon permanent /immediate absorption in PSUs/Societies etc. E(G)2014 QR 1-2 (PSU Abspn) Dated 07.06.2017
057/2017 Grant of Dearness relief to CPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia payment -revised rates wef 1-7-16 to 1-1-17 PC-VII/21 PC-V/2009/A/DR/1 Dated  14.06.2017
058/2017 Admissibility of deputation (duty) allowance while on deputation –beyond 5 year. 2010/F(E)II/1(1)/1 Dated 19.06.2017
059/2017 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980-Tables of Benefits for the saving fund for the period from 01.04.2017 to 30.06.2017. PC-III/2000/GIS/2 Dated 30.06.2017
060/2017 Initial /Promotional Training of Supervisor at Technical Training Centre (TTC) for All Production Units.
E(MPP)2017/3/2 Dated 20.06.2017
061/2017 Filling up 50% of DR quota vacancies through General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) -eligibility of staff in same grade pay/pay scale.-regarding.
E(NG)I-2008/PM1/6 part Dated 23.06.2017

Amendment to the provision of State Railway Provident Fund –Liberalization of provision for drawal of advance from the fund by subscriber-regarding.

D-43/22/2017-F(E)III Dated 29.06.2017

Recognition of Diesel Training Centre, Hubbali, SWR

E(MPP)/2010/3/46 Dated 30.06.2017
065/2017 Ayurvedic/Homoepathic dispensaries under Staff Benefit Fund (SBF)
E(W)/2016/ISM/9 Dated 07-07-2017
066/2017 Revision of Pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners in implementation of Government's dicision on the recommendations of the 7th CPC- Concordance tables-reg.
2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 Dated 11.07.2017
067/2017 Reorgnization of six Red Snooker
2017/E(Sports)/4(3)Snooker Dated 11.07.2017
068/2017 Validation of Duty/Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) in Hamsafar Express Trains, Gatiman Express Trains and all other Special Trains including Suvidha Express, Special Trains on special charges, etc
E(W)2016/PS 5-1/10 Dated 12.07.2017
070/2017 Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2017
GSR 882(E) Dated 14.07.2017
071/2017 Decision of the Government on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission relating to grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) to Railway employees. E(P&A)II-2017/HRA-7 Dated 19.07.2017
072/2017 Filling up of DR Quota vacancies through General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE)
E(NG)I-2008/PM1/6 part Dated 24.072017

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