001/2017 Ceiling Limit on food Subsidy for Scouting camps.

RB-E(W)2016/RSGB/8 Dated 06.01.2017

NWR-985-E/0/Welfare (Scouting) Dated 12.01.2017

002/2017 Policy letter on cashless treatment scheme in emergency (CTSE) in emplnelled hospitals for retired employee and their family members.

RB- 2014/H/28/1/smart card Part A Dated 13.01.2017

NWR- 817-E/0/RELHS Dated 23.01.2017

003/2017 Issue of Duty Card Pass to SOCs & STCs for scouting activities.

RB-E(W)2016/RSGB/8 Dated 06.01.2017

NWR-615-E/0/Pass Dated 23.01.2017

004/2017 Payment of TA/DA with Higher rates- AIRF's PNM item No. 15/2016

RB-F(E)I/2016/AL-28/17 Dated 13.01.2017

NWR-32-E/0/Allowance Dated 25.01.2017

005/2017 Pay element relating to Running Staff  after the recommendations of 7CPC. Hindi Version

RB-E(P&A) II-201/RS-25 Dated 24.01.2017

NWR-32/E/0/Allowance 01.02.2017

006/2017 Medical Exaamination of Railway Employees/Candidates.

RB-2016/H/5/20 (Policy) Dated 31.01.2017

NWR-516-E/0/Medical Examination Dated 07.02.2017

007/2017 Pay element relating to Running Staff  after the recommendations of 7CPC.

RB-E(P&A) II-201/RS-25 Dated 24.01.2017

NWR-32/E/0/Allowance 01.02.2017
008/2017 Verification of Pensioners/Family pensioners in Banks.

RB-2010/AC-II/21/10(pt.IV) Dated 30.01.2017

NWR-631-E/0/Pension Dated 10.02.2017

009/2017 Amendment to Para-648 and Para-651 of IRMM 2000- Delegation of powers to General Managers-Reg.

RB-2011/H/6-4/Policy-1 Dated 02.01.2017

NWR-796-E/0/Correction Slip Dated 10.02.2017

010/2017 Transformation Lecture Series : Lecture III

RB-2017/E(Trg)/30/1 Dated 07.02.2017

NWR 936-E/0/Training Dated 14.02.2017

011/2017 Disposal of decoy money (old demonetized currecncy) in pending DAR Cases. RB-2014/V-1/VP/1/1pt Dated 08.02.2017
012/2017 Introduction of new lplan head 6500 Training HRD-Nomination of co-ordinating authority of Zonal Railways.

RB-2017/E(Trg.)/34/1 Dated 08.02.2017

NWR-936-E/0/Trg Dated 17.02.2017

013/2017  Fixation of Pay under Rule 13 of Railway Service (Revised Pay) Rules 2008 in various categories placed in PB IGP Rs 1800.

RB- PC-VI/2012/IR-N/2 Dated 19.01.2017

NWR-600-E/0/Pay Fixation Dated 20.02.2017

014/2017  रेलवे आवास (Railway Quarter) की प्रतीक्षा सूची मे कर्मचारियों के नाम इन्द्रज  NWR-66-E/0/Quarter Dated 22.02.2017
015/2017  Clarification regarding grant of CTG (Composite TRansfer Grant)

RB-F(E)I/2016/AL-28/69 Dated 16.02.2017

NWR-32 E/0/AL/CTG/Policy Dated 23.02.2017

016/2017  Delegation of powers of reappropriation.

RB-2011-B-174 Dated 16.02.2017

NWR- 796-E/0/SOP Dated 02.03.2017

017/2017  Enforcement of Model Code of Conduct. RB- E(G)2017/EL 1-1 Dated 14.02.2017
018/2017  Validity of Year Ending Pass. RB E(W)2007 PS5-1 9 Dated 28.02.2017
019/2017  Subscription Rates of RELHS.

RB - 2017/H/28/1/RELHS Dated 23.02.2017

NWR- 817-E/0/RELHS Dated 08.03.2017

020/2017  लेप्टोप (Laptop) की खरीद व रिपेयर के संबंध मे । NWR-920-E/0/Laptop Dated 08.03.2017
021/2017  Method of fixation under rule FR 22 in VII PC - Cases of promotion.

RB- PC-VII/2016/I/6/2 Dated 09.03.2017

NWR- 655-E/0/PR Dated 21.03.2017

Contempt Petition (C) No. 314/2016 in SLP (C) No. 4831/2012-Samta Andolan Samiti through President Vs. Sanjay kothari & Ors.

RB- 2016-E(SCT)I/25/8 Dated 17.03.2017

NWR-655-E/0/Promotion Dated 10.04.2017

गुड्स ड्राइवरों को देय दर के समान टावर वेगन ड्राइवर को रनिंग भत्ते के भुगतान के संबंध मे स्पष्टीकरण (LP- Tower Wagon Driver)

RB-E(P&A)II-2014/RS-09 Dated 10.03.2017


Bye-election to fill clear vacancy in Parliamentry Constituencies of Kerala----Instrcuctions on enforcement of Model Code of Concuct.-Regarding.

RB-E(G)2017/EL 1-1 Dated 31.03.2017

NWR-238-E/0/Eletion Dated 10.04.2017

Declaration of Holiday on 14-4-17-Birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar

2012/E/(LR)III/HL1/1 Dated 07.04.2017


Recruitment /engagement of persons not fulfilling minimum educational qualification on compassionate ground – replacement scale for- 1Sin the face of implementation of 7th CPC Recommendations Reg.

 RB- E(NG)II/2011/RR-1/11 Dated 24.03.2017

NWR- 740-E/0/RR/Education Dated 24.04.2017


Compassionate grounds appointment as ASM in Traffic Department.

RB- E(NG)II/2016/RC1/CR/28 Dated 20.03.2017

NWR- 740-E/O/RR/Compassionate Dated 24.04.2017


Terms & Conditions for engagement of Senior Residence in Railway Hospitals.

RB- 1988/H/2-1/9 Dated 21.04.2017

NWR- 740-E/o/RR/Education Dated 28.04.2017


Counting of the period of service of Open Line Casual Labour and Project Casual Labour after their attainment of Temporary Status as qualifying service for pensionary benefits on absorption in regular employment on Railways.

RB E(NG)II/2017/ECR/CL/4 Dated 27.04.2017

NWR- 114-E/0/Casual Labour Dated 04.05.2017

Stoppage of recovery of wrong/excess payments from Railway Pensioners.

 RB-2015/F(E)/III/NC(JCM)/DC(JCM)/SCOVA Dated 04.05.2017

NWR-631-E/0/Pension Dated 11.05.2017

Grant of Medical facilities to  dependent relatives -Raising the income ceiling.

RB-2010/H-1/2/21 Dated 21.04.2017

NWR- 516-E/0/Medical Facilities

Order Relating to the National Anthem of India

RB- E(G)2017/CL 4-3 Dated 28.04.2017

NWR-720-E/0/Rly.Service Conduct Rule Dated 11.05.2017


Permission for break journey and longer route in Special Passes issued on medical grounds.



Clarification on payment of allowances under revised pay structure.

RB- PC-VII/2017/I/7/5/2 Dated 12.05.2017

NWR-32-E/0/Allowance Dated 17.05.2017


Implementation of revision of Pension of pre. 2016 Pensioners /Family Pensioners.

RB- 2016/AC-II/21/8 Dated 09.06.2017 (RBA 68/2017)

NWR-631-E/0/Pension Dated 22.06.2017

Extension of Scheme of hiring of para-medical categories in Group 'C' on contract basis.

RB- E(NG)II/2005 /RC-4/SC/2 Dated 22.06.2017

NWR- 516-E/0/Medical Category Dated 29.06.2017

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