Letter No. RBE/PS Subject
F(E)I/2016/AL-28/69 Dated 16.02.2017 PS 023/2017 Clarification regarding grant of CTG (Composite TRansfer Grant)
E(NG)I-2015/TR/20 Dated 10.02.2017 RBE 012/2017 Comprehensive Transfer Policy - Exemption from 5 years service condition
939E/0/Transfer Policy Dated 08.11.2016 PS 073/2016 Own Request/Mutual Transfer (Spouce GRound)
939-E/0/Transfer Dated 14.09.2016 PS 066/2016 Guidelines for dealing with instructions received from Minister's Secretariet Fake/Forged letters reg.
939E/0/Transfer Policy Dated 01.07.2016 PS 046/2016 Inter Railway Transfer of NG employees.
F.No. 2010/F(E)II/I(I)/I Date 21.04.2016 RBE 038/2016 Transfer on deputation /foreign services of Central Government Employees to ex cadre post - Delegation of powres to Ministries/ Departments /Borrowing Orgnizations to extend deputation tenure upto 7 years in cases of Deputations covered by DOP&T's O.M. No. 6/8/2009-Estt.(Pay-II) dated 17th June 2010-regarding.
940E/0/Periodical Transfer Dated 22-03-2016  PS 014/2016 Rotational Transfer of Non-gazetted staff working on sensitive posts.
E(NG)I-2004/TR/22 Date 10.02.2016 RBE 016/2016 Inter divisional/inter Railway transfer of staff on administrative/Vigilance ground.
E(NG)I-2009/TR/7 Date 17.12.2015 RBE 158/2015 Periodical Transfer of non-gazetted Railway Employees
E/HQ/NWR/838/1(Trf) Dated 09.09.2015   Comprehansive Transfer Policy for Railway Employees
E(NG)I-2013/TR/7 Dated 25.07.2014 RBE 082/2014 Request transfer of employees from one seniority unit to other seniority unit in GP Rs. 1800 (PB-1) without insisting minimum education classifications of class X or ITI or equivalent.
E(0)III-2014/PL/03 Dated 04-07-2014   Implementation of Supreme court's Judgement Dated 31.10.2013 in WP(C) 82/2011-Posting /Transfer in Railways-Corrigendum Reg.
E(0)III-2014/PL/03 Dated 10-06-2014   Implementation of Supreme court's Judgement Dated 31.10.2013 in WP(C) 82/2011-Posting /Transfer in Railways
ERP/Portal-Transfer /2013 Dated 30.03.2014   Request for mutual transfer by Railway employees
E(NG)I-2009/TR/7 Dated 03-04-2012 RBE 048/2012 Periodical Transfer of non- gazetted Railway Employees.
939E/1/Transfer/NG Policy Dated 08.12.2012   Transfer & Posting of NG Staff.
939-E/2/Mutual Transfer Dated 08.08.2007   अराजपत्रित कर्मचारियों के स्वयं के अनुरोध /परस्परिक स्थानांतरण के संबंध मे दिशा -निर्देश।

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