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Advance Correction Slips


Letter No & Date RBE Subject



E(w)2017/PS5-1/2 Date 14.06.2017

PS 038/2017
Validity of Kit Passes and journey Passes, issued on account of transfer/settelement/death.

E(W)2015/PS5-2/4 Date 02.05.2017

PS 033/2017 Pernmission for break journey and longer route in Special Passes issued on medical grounds.

E(W)2016/PS5-1/5 Date 06.04.2017

031/2017 Removal of hardship being faced in availing higher class passes/escort facility in cases where both the employee and his/her spouse are physically challenged.

E(W)2007 PS5-1/9 Date 28.02.2017



Validity of year ending passes.

E(W)2016/RSGB/8 Date 06.01.2017



Issue of duty card passes to SOC & STC for Scouting activities.



E(W)/2016/PS5-1/7 Date 24.11.2016

132/2016 Grant of Privilege Passes/PTOs to dependent relatives-Rasing the income celing

E(W)2016/PSS 1-8 Date 31.08.2016

PS 067 &


Regulation of entitlement of Passes and PTOs till issue of orders on the basis of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules,2016

E(W)2016/PS5 2/4 Date 31.03.2016



Passes for widows of Railway Employees.

E(W)2003/PS 5-8/1 Date 29.01.2016


Family Identity Cards to retiring/retired railway employees.

E(W)2007 PS 5-1/9 Date 02.09.2015


Issue of Advance Pass from next year account.

E(W)2015/PS5-2/4/misc Date 25.08.2015


Entitled members of family and dependent relatives on privilege pass issued to widows appointed on compassionate grounds.

E(W)2015/PSS-1/6 Date 12.08.2015

  Inclusion of married mentally disabled son of serving/retired railway employee in Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary Pass (PRCP)- clarification thereof.

E(W)2015/PS5-1/4 Date 27.07.2015

  Issue of Special Pass for Scouts & Guides activities.

E(W)2015/PS-5/2/6 Date 18.05.2015


Issue of Silver Pass.
E(W) 2007 PS 5-1/9 Date 31.03.2015
  Extending the validity of full/half sets of privilage passes, post  Retirement Complimentry Passes, widow Passes and privilage Ticket Orders (PTOs)   E(W)2007PS 5-1/9 Date 31.03.2015
E(W)2003/PS5-8/1 Date 16.03.2015 019/2015 Family Identity Cards to retiring/retired Railway Employees
E(W)85/855-17/11Date 13.11.2014   Enhancement in limit of issue of Residential Card Pass.
E(W)2012/PSS-10/1 Date 10.10.2014   Issue of Privilege Passes/PTOs covering Udhampur-Katra Section
E(W)2012/PS5-1/5 Date 05.08.2014   Grant of full sets of Post Retirement Complimentary (PRC) Passes to erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff after 20 years of Railway Service.
E(W)2009/PS5-1/30 Date 19.05.2014
047/2014 School Pass-permitting student wards of railway employees in Duronto Express Trains.
E(W)2012/PS5-1/4 Date 18.03.2014   Entitlement for 1st Class Passes on being medically decatergorised and inter railway transfer on own request basis to lower grade post-reg.
E(W)2013/PS 5-1/7 Date 12.03.2014 024/2014 Grant of Full sets of Post Retirement Complimentry Passes (PRCP) after 20 years of Railway Service
E(W)2013/PS 5-1/7 Date 16.12.2013 132/2013 Grant of Full Sets of post retirement Complimentary passes (PRCP) ater 20 years of of Railway Service
E(W) 2012/PS5-1/4 Date 10.09.2013   Entitlement for 1st class passes on being medically de-categorized and inter Railway transfer own request basis to lower Grade Pay post.
E(W)2005/UNI-4 Date 05.09.2013
  Stations under jurisdiction of mega-metropolitan area – Indicating names of Metropolitan cities on Passes/PTOs issued to Railway employees.
E(W)2012/PS5-2/5 Date 23.07.2013   Issue of complimentary passes to the regular staff of NZRE CTC Society.
E(W)2009/PS 5-1/30 Date 22.04.2013 035/2013 Entitlement for travel in Duranto Express trains in non AC accomodation i.e., SL & 2S classes
E(W)2013/PS5-II/Misc Date 01.04.2013   Revised pay limits for entitlement of Passes & PTOs on basis of pay drawn in Railways Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008.
E(W)2000/PS 5-1/30 Date 01.03.2013 020/2013 Validity of Rly Passes/PTOs/Duty Passes/Post retirement passes on Duronto Express on the pattern of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express Trains
E(W)2000/PS5-1/10 Date 02.01.2013 148/2012 Revised pay limits for entitlement of Passes/PTOs- reckoning of running allowance in case of running staff/Case of Tower Wagon Drivers (TWD).
E(W)2008/PS5-1/38 (pt) Date 04.12.2012
  Entitlement of Passes/PTOs to the employees having service less than 5 years.
E(W)2010/PS5-8/4 Date 17.07.2012
  Entitlement of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) to Railway servants with GP 1800 in VI CPC scales.
No.E(W)2000/PS 5-1/10 Date 02.04.2012 047/2012 Revised pay limits for entitlement of PASS/PTOs reckoning of running allowance in case of running staff.
No.E(W)2007/PS 5-1/9 Date 26.03.2012 041/2012 Extending the validity of full/half sets of privilege Passes, post retirement complimentary pass, Widow Passes/PTOs
No.E(W)2009/PS 5-1/30 Date 21.03.2012 037/2012 Validity of Duty passes for travel in Duronto Express trains
E(W)2010/PS5-8/4 Date 02.03.2012   Grant of Privilege Passes to the staff in the grade pay Rs. 1800/-
E(W)2000/PS5-1/24 Date 30.01.2012
013/2012 Issue of Special Passes tp retired Railway Officers empanelled as Inquiry Officers.
No. E(W)2008/PS 5-1/38 Date 13.10.2011 145/2011 Revised Pay limits for entitlement of School Pass, School Card Pass and Residential Card Pass.
E(W)2004/PS5-9/1 Date 01.08.2011 112/2011 Entitlements on Kit Pass admissible to Railway servants on transfer/retirement.
E(W)2010/PS5-1/11 Date 06.07.2011 101/2011 Issue of School pass- Reasonable validity.
No.E(W) 2008/PS 5-1/38 Date 14.03.2011 035/2011 Revised travel entitlements for privilege passes– clarification reg.
No.E(W)2008/PS 5-1/38 Date 03.02.2011 018/2011 Revised  travel entitlement of gazette officers on duty Passes Privilege Passes and Post retirement complimentary Passes
No.E(W)2008/PS 5-1/38 Date 06.01.2011 003/2011 Revised pay limit for entitlement of passes/ PTOs on the bases of pay drawn in the Rly. Services (Revised Pay )Rules, 2008
E(W)/2009/PS-5-1/23 Date 29.07.2010 108/2010 Allotment of berths out of the emergency quota to Railway Servants & their family members etc. suffering from cancer and travelling for treatment on Medical Passes.
E(W)/2010/PS-5-1/11 Date 23.07.2010 104/2010 Issue of School Passes during vacations ? PNM/AIRF Item No.10/10
E(W)2008 PS 5-1/31 Date 11.08.2008 094/2008 Entitlement for travel alone in First AC coupe in respect of Gold Pass holders in trains other than Rajdhani Express.
E(W)93 PS 5-1/1 Date 14.07.2008 083/2008 Travel entitlements for serving and retired GMs & Officers of equivalent rank in I-AC/Executive Class.
E(W)2007 PS 5-1/9 Date 10.07.2008 082/2008 Extending the validity of half set of Privilege Passes, Post Retirement Complimentary P’asses, Widow Passes and Privilege Ticket Orders (P’TOs).
E(W) 97 PS5-1/71 Date 12.06.2008 071/2008 Grant of Privilege Passes/PTOs to dependent relatives - Raising the income ceiling.
E(W)2000 PS 5-1/24 Date 27.05.2008 66/2008 Issue of Special Passes to retired Railway Officers em panelled as Inquiry Officers - Amendment of Schedule VII of Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986 (Second Edition, 1993) .
E(W)2006 PS 5-1/28 Date 08.05.2008 065/2008 Qualifying service for issue of Post Retirement Complementary Passes
E(W)2007 PS 5-6/53 Date 27.03.2008
048/2008 Issue of Passes to contractors and the staff working with the contractors
E(W)97 PS5-1/71 Date 12.11.2007 145/2007 Grant of Priveilege Passes/PTOs to dependent relatives- Raising the income ceiling
2007 PS 5-1-15 Date 19.09.2007   Issue of Duty Cheque Passes to Officers of Indian Railway on deputation to DFCCIL
E(W) 96 PS 5-8/2 Date 15.06.2007 089/2007 Privision of companion in lieu of attendant to Sr. Citizen Ist Class/ Ist ’A’ Widow Pass holders above 65 years of age
E(W)/2007/PS 5-1/3 Date 04.05.2007 072/2007 Entitlement of Metal Pass Holder to Travel in I-AC Class for self and for family to travel in 2-AC Class -Amendment to Schedule-I Duty pass of Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986.
E(W) 2006 PS 5-1/28 Date 18.04.2007 061/2007 Qualifying service for issue of post Retirement Complementary Passes
E(W)92/PS5-3/1 Date 14.02.2007 024/2007 Validity of Passes/PTOs for travel in Garib Rath Express Train
E(W)95 PS-5-1/29 Date 08.01.2007 005/2007 Post Retirement Complementary Passes to widows appointed on compassionate ground
E(W)94 PS-5-1/13 Date 06.12.2006 186/2006 Travel facilities to the Vice Chairman and the Members of RCT while on duty
E(W)2006/PS 5-1/27 Date 22.11.2006 171/2006 Issue of Passes to Other apprentices- amendment to Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986.
E(W)2001 PS-5-1/13 Date 20.10.2006 153/2006 Facility of passes to the staff after their transfer on deputation/ deemed deputation basis and after their absorption in TRCTC
E(W)/2006/PS 5-1/9 Date 13.06.2006 076/2006 Issue of Passes/PTOs to Railway Servants under suspension.
 E(W)95PS5-1/29 Date 08-05-2002 062/2002  Passes for widows of Railway employees.


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