Letter No. RBE/PS Subject
RB-2017/H/28/I/RELHS/Pt.1 Dated 21.06.2018  

Subscription rates of RELHS-regarding

2005/H/6-4/Policy-I Dated 01.06.2017
PS 048/2017 Medical Reimbursement Form
PS 040/2017 Extension of Scheme of hiring of para-medical categories in Group 'C' on contract basis.
NWR- 516-E/0/Medical Facilities Dated 11.05.2017 PS 031/2017 Grant of Medical facilities to dependent relatives -Raising the income ceiling.
RB - 2017/H/28/1/RELHS Dated 23.02.2017 PS 019/2017 Subscription Rates of RELHS.
NWR-516-E/0/Medical Examination Dated 07.02.2017 PS 006/2017 Medical Exaamination of Railway Employees/Candidates.
RB-E(W)2016/RSGB/8 Dated 06.01.2017 PS 002/2017 Policy letter on cashless treatment scheme in emergency (CTSE) in emplnelled hospitals for retired employee and their family members.


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