DC - JCM (Railway)


Minutes of the DC/JCM(Railways) held on 23rd – 24th October 2017.

2017/E(LR)I/JCM2-1 Dated 25.10.2017


DC/JCM(Railways) Meeting is scheduled to be held on 7th & 8th March,2017.

2014/E(LR)/I/JCM 2-1 Dated 10.02.2017
Minutes of the DC/JCM(Railways) held on 08th – 09th March 2016. 2016/E(LR)I/JCM 2–1 Dated 11.05.2016

DC/JCM Item No. 18/2011 – – Earmarking posts of Section Officer (Accounts) for Non-Appendix III IREM Exam

qualified Accounts Assistants

PC-V/2011/PNM/DC-JCM/1 Dated 28.08.2015

DC/JCM Item No. 33/98 – Provision of adequate percentage of Leave Reserve for Group D employees

E(G)198/LR/DCM/JCM Dated 10.03.2015

DC/JCM Item No. 3/2006-Implementation of negotiated settlement reached between the Federations

E(LR)II/2006/ST1-2 Dated 18.03.2015

Record note of discussion – regarding Fixation of pay on promotion from Master craftsman to Mistry

PC-IV/2002/JCM/DC/1/Part Dated 17.03.2015

Arbitrary reduction of incentive bonus to SEs and SSEs – withdrawal of Board’s decision – urged

and DC/JCM Item No. 02/2005

2014/E(LR)/JCM 2-1 Dated 02.03.2015

Meeting of Left over DC JCM Items will be held on 26/27.03.2015

2014/E(LR)/JCM 2-1 Dated 27.02.2015
Minutes of the meeting held on pending DC/JCM items pertain to Establishment, Finance(Establishment) and Accounts Directorates. 2014/E(LR)I/JCM 2–1 Dated 23.07.2014
Re–organization of PNM at Board’s level and DC/JCM Scheme consequent upon Secret Ballot Elections held in April, 2013 2013/E(LR)I/JCM 2–1 Dated 18.06.2013
Minutes of the DC/JCM(Railways) held on 26 – 27 June, 2012. 2012/E(LR)I/JCM 2–3 Dated 21.08.2012
Minutes of the DC/JCM meeting held on 4th May & 29th June, 2011.
E(LR)I/2011/JCM2-3 Dated 10.08.2011


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