Record Note of Discussion on AIRF's PNM Items No.10/2013 and 26/2013-MACPS for Railway Employees -Clarification

 Grievances of Staff on MACP anomalies, meeting to take place on 19.05.2015.

Upper Age limit for direct recruitment to non gazetted posts on the Railways - RBE 45/2015



AIRF’s views on HPC to review duty hours of Running and other Safety Categories Staff.

AIRF’s PNM Item No.28/2014 - Railway Board to withdraw manning of 05 Coaches by TTE - Railway Board will withdraw orders from 01.07.2015.

 Feedback of the meeting held between Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra and Shri Suresh Prabhu Hon'ble Minister for Railways on 07.05.2015

Denial Advance Increment to Nursing Staff possesing B.Sc.(Nursing Degree)

-Facilities to the staff appointed as Trainee on compassionate ground


 Views of AIRF on the Interim Report of the Committee for Mobilization of resources for major projects and restructuring of Railway Ministry and Railway Board - Debroy Committee Report

MTP RMU affiliate of AIRF registered a thumping victory over TMC and NFIR in Kolkatta, AIRF 13, TMC 0, NFIR 0

Leadership of AIRF, representing 1.3 Million Railwaymen presenting oral evidence before 7th Pay Commission on 07.04.2015 and 08.04.2015

From NWREU Com. Mukesh Mathur General Secretary and other 11 representatives have participated in various groups.

  Releasing of installment of dearness allowance – Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra writes to cabinet secy

7th Pay Commission to meet leadership of AIRF on 7and 8 April/2015 to seek the views of Federation




*. संकेत कारखाना में कार्यरत कर्मचारियों को समस्याएं

*. संकेत कारखाना में कार्यरत कर्मचारियों को सेफ्टी शूज न मिलने बाबत

*. गोपनीय सहायक पे बेंड रु 9300-34800 ग्रेड पे रु 4200  के पद पर पद्दोन्नति हेतु उपयुक्तता के सम्बन्ध में

*. Name Noting – Transfer and posting of NG Staff.

*.डीजल कर्मचारियों को वितरित की गई वर्दी की गुणवत्ता के क्रम में

*. संकेत कारखाना में कार्यरत कर्मचारियों को सेफ्टी शूज बाबत

*. विद्युत पावर कर्मचारियों का मंडल से कारखाना में स्थानांतरण एवं समायोजन बाबत

*. संकेत कारखाना की कार्यभार व स्टाफ सम्बन्धी समस्याएं

*. तकनिकी त्यागपत्र के सम्बन्ध में

*.फोर्टिस हस्पताल जयपुर में मरीजों को परेशानी

*. प्रीमियम गाड़ी का क्रियू वर्किंग

*. Memorandum to Minister of Railway on 02.04.2015 at Jaipur

*. Utilization of Funds allotted under SBF

*. परिशिष्ट 2अ परीक्षा पास लेख लिपिक की पद्दोन्नति कनिष्ठ लेख सहायक सीधी भर्ती के पदों में से करने बाबत

*. कार्य अध्ययन रिपोर्ट (HQ-NWR)-Pers, Acc., Comm., Elect., PCE, Mech., Medical, S&T, Store, Optg.,

*. रनिंग कर्मचारियों को ब्रिथलाइज़र से छूट देने के क्रम में

*. अजमेर कारखाना हेतु अलग से एम्बुलेंस उपलब्ध करना

*. लेख एवं कार्मिक विभाग के कर्मचारियों को छठे वेतन आयोग कार्य का मानदेय भुगतान

*. मुख्य वाणिज्य प्रबंधक द्वारा कर्मचारियों के कार्यक्षेत्र में सीसीटीवी कैमरे लगवाने बाबत।

*. आवधिक स्थानांतरण स्टेशन मास्टर संवर्ग -अजमेर मंडल

*. Acceptance of certificates, qualification awarded by various Boards of School

*. Recruitment of Midwives-Auxiliary Nurse.

*. Facilities to the staff appointed as “Trainee” on compassionate ground.

*. Change of designation-Nursing Staff.






Record Note of Discussion on AIRF's PNM Items No.10/2013 and 26/2013-MACPS for Railway Employees -Clarification

M. Tech. Programme in Railway Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.)

RBE 47/2015 Indigenous system of medicine –Homeopathic /Ayurvedic dispensaries –Revised Policy Reg. E(W) 2013/ISM/1 Date 18.05.2015

RBE 43/2015 Selection procedure for promotion to selection posts-Formation of panel in the order of seniority amongst those securing qualifying marks.

RBE 41/2015 Grant of Washing Allowance to all employees drawing Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/- and provided official uniform

The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 – Submission of declarations of assets and liabilities by the Railway Servant RBE 40/2015

RBE 38/2015 Retention of Railway Quarter -Consolidated clarification regarding

CC 23/2015 Declaring Sleeper Class Coaches as Sleeper Class unresreved /unresreved second class

CC 18/2015 Conseccion based ticketing including online ticketing for the physically challeenged persons using Photo Identity Card issued by the Railways 19.03.2015

Extending the validity of full/half sets of privilage passes, post  Retirement Complimentry Passes, widow Passes and privilage Ticket Orders (PTOs) 

20/2015 Simplification of Pension Procedure-पेंशन प्रक्रिया का सरलीकरण - सेवानिवृत होने वाले सरकारी सेवक द्वारा पेंशन के कागजातों के साथ वचन -पत्र प्रस्तुत करने के सम्बन्ध में

Appointment on Railways -Minimum Educational Qualification -Regarding

 Appointment on Compassionat Ge round of wards/spouse of ex-RPF/RPSF staffs.

RBE 17/2015 17/2015 Relaxation in minimum education qualification norms for recruitment of sportspersons in Group ‘C’ against sports quota, both through Talent Scouting and Open Advertisement, against the posts under Non-Technical Popular Categories.

RBE 116/2015 Forwarding of Gazette Notification No. G.S.R.910(E) Dated 19.12.2014, regarding enhancement of rates of stipend for Graduate, Technician, (Vocational) apprentices under the Apprentices Act 1961

RBE 19/2015 Family Identity Cards to retiring/retired Railway Employees

CC 10/2015 Emergency quota for Railway Employees suffering from cancer.

CC 15/2015 Reservation facilities for Sr citizen and female passengers including pregnant women.

RBA 15/2015 Filling up of posts of Accounts Stock Verifiers (ASVs) –Allowing Appendix -2 IREM qualified Accounts Clerks & Jr. Shroffs to be posted as Accounts Stock Verifiers (ASVs)

12/2015 Rule 5 of Railway servants (Discipline and appeal) Rules, 1968- Instructions regarding timely review of Suspension

RBE 10/2015 Reckoning of 30% pay element for the purpose towards leave encashment upto 10 days to running staff.

RBE 11/2015 Filling up posts of Loco Inspectors and Power Controllers/Crew Controllers

RBE 05/2015 Extension of second chance for Aptitude Test for recruitment Ass. Loco Pilots to those wards who have passed the written test but could not clear the Aptitude Test under LARSGESS

वर्ष 2015 के दौरान भारत सरकार के कार्यालयों में रखी जाने वाली छुट्टियां। Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices During the year 2015




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